Our goal is for transparent pricing.  Our fees for Accounting, Tax and Payroll services are upfront to you the client.  We provide written estimates for businesses.  Individual tax fees can be estiamted from the link to our price list below. 


Accounting fees are invoiced monthly.  Our hourly rates are: Tom Felhofer - $ 150, all other staff $ 42 to $78 per hour.  Accounting fees are invoiced at the end of the month.  Fees are due net 10.  We reserve the right to suspend service for past due balances.


Individual income tax returns are invoiced on a per form basis.

              See our 1040 Individual Price List  for our form fees

Any estimate of preparation fees quoted over the phone are estimates only.

Discounts are given for customer loyalty and referrals.


Payroll fees are billed based on the frequency of your payroll.

Weekly 30
Bi-Weekly 60
Semi-Monthly 45
Monthly 30
Quarterly 45

In addition, there is a fee for each paycheck / direct deposit processed. 

Discounts will apply for payrolls over 20 employees.  Clients trained on the payroll approval process will be given a discount.

Human Resource services are available on an hourly basis.  The rates are the same as the Accounting hourly rates.

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